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Admission is handled by the EMICC coordinator at each participating university. Applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline.  Proficiency in academic English, corresponding to a 6.5 grade in the IELTS or an equivalent proof of proficiency is required of all participants.

Student Mobility

Successful applicants will study under a bilateral Erasmus agreement between the host university and the partner universities and may be eligible for Erasmus grants. While studying at the host university, students remain matriculated at their sending university and have to pay the usual matriculation fees for outgoing Erasmus students. Erasmus students do not pay any matriculation fees at the hosting university.


Please contact the coordinator at your university:

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK
Prof. Guido Rings,

Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (INALCO), Paris, France
Prof. Louise Ouvrard,

Universidade Aberta, Lisbon & Coimbra, Portugal
Prof. João Carlos Relvão Caetano,

Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
Prof. Jolanta Drzewiecka,

Universität Bayreuth, Germany
Prof. Peter Kistler,

University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Prof. Marko Siitonen,

University of Urbino, Italy
Prof. Claus Ehrhardt,

Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Prof. Jan D. ten Thije,

Tallinn University, Estonia
Prof. Anastassia Zabrodskaja,

Guidelines for Participating Institutions, Professors and Students 

Teaching and learning during Eurocampus implies constructive, reflective and critical discussions of academic content and didactic methods as well as grading, evaluation and feedback. All participants, professors, students, as well as the institutions participating in the EMICC program are expected to abide by standards of professional responsibility, ethics and fairness. EMICC follows the Guidelines for an Institutional Code of Ethics in Higher Education, formulated by IAE (International Association of Universities) and MCO (Magna Carta Observatory) in December, 2012. Professors are bound to abide by the Criteria for Staff Participation in Eurocampus, adopted during the 2011 EMICC Meeting in Castellón, Spain.

At the start of Eurocampus, participating students will sign a Learning Agreement spelling out the academic obligations and standards of personal behavior expected of them.


Our history

EUROCAMPUS was held in Jyväskylä (2002), Bayreuth (2003), Brussels (2004), Cambridge (2005), Lisbon (2006), Lugano (2007), Tartu (2008), Lugano (2009), Utrecht (2010), Castellón, Spain (2011), Coimbra, Portugal (2012), Jyväskylä, Finland (2013), Paris, France (2014), Cambridge, UK (2015), Tallinn, Estonia (2016), Urbino, Italy (2017), Coimbra, Portugal (2018), Bayreuth, Germany (2019)