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European Masters in

Intercultural Communication
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EMICC is a teaching and research network of nine European universities specializing in intercultural communication. EMICC holds a Eurocampus each fall at one of the participating universities. Courses are taught by professors from the participating universities while students earn credit towards their Master’s degree at their home universities. The host university awards a Eurocampus Diploma to students who earn at least 30 ECTs.


Academic Knowledge

  • develop knowledge to apply intercultural communication theories and analytical skills to real life situations;
  • understand the contribution of different academic disciplines to the field of intercultural communication;
  • understand culture as contextual and historical processes of meaning formation that shape how individuals and groups interact;
  • develop skills to diagnose and improve conflicts, contestations, othering and other problems in group interrelations;
  • understand how migration and laws shape relations among groups;
  • identify good research problems, formulate research questions and evaluate research results;
  • apply research methods to collect and analyse data ethically;

Intercultural Communication Competence and Skills

  • develop intercultural communicative competence and apply intercultural communication skills in professional and social settings;
  • communicate face to face and through mediated channels in an efficient, respectful, and mutually enriching way
  • increase cultural self- and other-awareness in the global context and develop tools to reflect upon and analyse intercultural interactions;
  • understand dynamics of cultural diversity and engage in intercultural dialogue.

Eurocampus: Europe and the world

Our goal is to apply intercultural communication theories, skills and competencies to understand intergroup relations and Europe in a global context. We live in an interconnected world and it is imperative that we practice and theorize based on the complexities of these connections and how they alter communication among various groups.

Jolanta Drzewiecka

Jolanta Drzewiecka

Professor and Academic Director | EMICC

At the EMICC Eurocampus you will learn Intercultural communication in an immersive face to face practicum. You will meet students from different backgrounds who bring their experiences and ideas to share with others. It is my pleasure to invite you to the program!

What are students saying about EMICC?


Eurocampus is one of the most important stones in the mosaic of my whole education: It made it possible to analyze past experiences and, at the same time, turned out to be the necessary advantage which makes the difference on the competitive job market.

From an academic point of view, this semester provided me with a new perspective to analyze communication and management. From the professional point of view, Eurocampus was highly valued when I was selected for a five-month internship at the European Commission.

Currently, I’m in the Office of Career Development and Work Placements of my university dealing with the Leonardo and Erasmus programs, and the Eurocampus program was certainly a little extra for me to start working there.

I believe that Eurocampus was an asset when I got the internship in Berlin (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy) last summer and believe that it will be an asset in the future job hunting as well.


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